Album cover and track art

Eight Two / Misha asked me design his most recent cd. I was super excited about this project but also really nervous. What if I didn’t like the music? What if my designs didn’t live up to the standard he’d already set with his previous albums? What if he just didn’t like my designs? Misha is my brother-in-law, there was a lot at stake. ๐Ÿ™‚ First, I felt privileged to

Website design

I designed this site taking a lot of cues from the logo I designed and Melinda’s “Speak in Flow” program concept. Throughout the site I’ve used different curving, flowing lines and shapes to illustrate her transformational program on how to get over your fear of public speaking.

Website design

Here I am pushing the limits with bold, bright color. These are proposed site design mockups. The client decided to go in a different direction with her site but I still like these so I’m sharing them here! ๐Ÿ™‚ Photo credits: Joshua Coleman on Unsplash, Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash, Igor Kasalovic on Unsplash, veeterzy from Pexels.

Digital birthday cards

Before the pandemic shut things down, I was BUSY doing lots of different projects for a company that makes accessory dwelling units. They had me designing ads, infographics, website landing pages, giant fence wraps, creating floor plans and even these super fun animated birthday cards. WordPress isn’t allowing my animated gifs to work, but imagine the flames flickering and confetti blinking. (Photo by Angรจle Kamp on Unsplash)

Perfect Details images and ads

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Perfect Details since 2007. Over the years I’ve formatted and touched-up hundreds (thousands?) of jewelry, shoe and accessory photos. It’s fun and very satisfying! I also design their social media ads and homepage images. In 2017 I helped with some art direction of their new site and updated their logo.

Pospeds 2017 event

The Positive Pedalers asked me to design their event materials for a second year. The event and materials were more simplified this year. But still just as bright, colorful and fun to design. Here I’m showing the Event Brite banner, the Facebook advertising post, and the one-page printed event program.

Pospeds 2016 dinner

AIDS/LifeCycle is an event and cause close to my heart. I love the event, the community, the JOY surrounding it. When groups associated with AIDS/LifeCycle ask me to volunteer some design time, I’m always happy to help. And because it’s pro-bono, they’re usually not that picky about what I submit, so it’s a time for me to have some fun with design. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here I’m showing the dinner program cover

DLM website

DLM asked me to redesign their website in 2014. It was the biggest website I’ve ever designed and built from scratch. The company was established in 1959 and had worked on hundreds of schools over the years. My goal was to create a site that showcased all of their projects and awards in a clean and simple way that was easy to navigate.

This is a wordpress site I created for my very talented author friend. I also helped art direct the book cover. Genanne’s debut is a beautifully crafted novel. You should read it.