Beer Label

My husband brews beer in our indoor-bike-trainer room in our garage. It’s actually a really nice space, not a cave at all!

Coro 2019 Gala

I had the pleasure of helping Coro with their 2019 Gala fundraiser event materials. I got to design their event design concept, invitation, program, signage, video displays, name badges and stickers!

Gala Invite

I’ve had the privilege of designing the Paving the Way invite and event materials since 2010. The design concept varies a bit every year but the urgency to end youth homelessness remains the same.

Coro Brochure

This was my first project with Coro. They had a strong existing brand style guide with suggested colors and fonts but that didn’t hold me back from having fun and getting creative. Design limitations can be good!

Pospeds 2017 event

The Positive Pedalers asked me to design their event materials for a second year. The event and materials were more simplified this year. But still just as bright, colorful and fun to design. Here I’m showing the Event Brite banner, the Facebook advertising post, and the one-page printed event program.

Pospeds 2016 dinner

AIDS/LifeCycle is an event and cause close to my heart. I love the event, the community, the JOY surrounding it. When groups associated with AIDS/LifeCycle ask me to volunteer some design time, I’m always happy to help. And because it’s pro-bono, they’re usually not that picky about what I submit, so it’s a time for me to have some fun with design. 🙂 Here I’m showing the dinner program cover