Larkin Street 30 Year Anniversary Book

In 2014 Larkin Street Youth Services celebrated their 30th anniversary. In addition to designing the gala invite and related materials, they asked me to design a 35-page book featuring organization milestones over the years. It was a big, juicy project and made me want to do more book/magazine work. Here I’m showing some of the pages and spreads. To see the entire project:

Card Designs

These are cards I designed annually for an attorney with very good taste. 🙂 I loved the work I did with her over a 5-year period. You know it’s a great client/designer fit when the ideas come easily and both the client and designer are happy.

Just Desserts

Here are some proposed cake label designs. They had asked me to design some new labels for some new cakes. Nothing ever happened with these but I still think they’re FUN.

Just Desserts bites packaging

One of my favorite early clients. Not only was it a nice perk to receive tubs of brownie bites or freshly baked cupcakes, but it was really FUN seeing my work in stores. Here I’m showing the bites packaging I designed. It’s been over 10 years since I’ve worked with Just Desserts. They’ve since changed their logo design and all of their packaging, but they now offer vegan options, so

Pinnacle 1997 annual report

This was the first annual report I ever designed during my first year out of college working for an annual report design firm. Of course I’ve always had a thing for COLOR. 🙂 But I forgot that it was an accordion fold book. There is an entirely separate book just for the financials but it’s lacking in color so I’m not showing it.