Marin Marauders 2022

When the Marin Marauders team captain asked me to design another cycling team kit he wanted it to represent resilience, determination and family. I’ve been a quilter for decades and for some reason I was drawn to lots of colorful quilt designs when I started brainstorming for this project. When I researched the symbolism of quilts, I found that they represent union, family, strength and resiliency.

Larkin Street 2021 Annual Report

This is my 4th annual report for Larkin Street! I like how we’ve been changing their look over time, giving their pieces a lighter feel. I don’t know if it was because of the pandemic or working with a different team, but we’ve really gone away from the high contrast of hard lines and lots of bright yellow and black. This year I played with more circles and pale gradients.

Larkin Street 2021 Policy Platform

Some people might find this kind of report boring to design, but this is the kind of project I find really satisfying. I’m usually given a long text document, a handful of photos, some stats and not a lot of design direction. It usually starts out feeling overwhelming, “HOW am I going to make this look good??” It becomes a challenging puzzle to solve and in the end it’s nice

PTW 2021

I’ve proudly been designing the print materials for Larkin Street’s Paving the Way Gala event since 2010. During the pandemic Larkin could no longer host the big in-person events they were used to. They got creative and made a documentary film featuring three of the young people their services have helped. The gala became a virtual event with featured speakers, the documentary and an interview with the film maker and

Coro 2019-2020 Annual Report

Coro asked me to design their annual report for a third year. But this year they decided to make it online only, a page that would live on their site and not a printed book like previous years. This meant unlimited space! And then at the end they decided they did actually want to print the annual report. It’s definitely easier to create a website from a printed book than

Larkin Street 2019-2020 Annual Report

Everything feels different this year, including the design of this year’s annual report. I was working with a new team, who was working entirely from home and they requested a quieter looking book this year. They also had me design a website for the annual report. The new design has been well received.

Album cover and track art

Eight Two / Misha asked me design his most recent cd. I was super excited about this project but also really nervous. What if I didn’t like the music? What if my designs didn’t live up to the standard he’d already set with his previous albums? What if he just didn’t like my designs? Misha is my brother-in-law, there was a lot at stake. 🙂 First, I felt privileged to

Marin Marauders cycling kit

My friend, team captain and fellow AIDS/LifeCycle training ride leader Ken asked me to design the Marin Marauders 2020 team kit. Of course, without hesitation I said YES. I’ve been taking a break from helping to lead training rides. I miss the people and the energy, so if I can be involved with AIDS/LifeCycle AND include design, it’s a no-brainer. I presented them with a range of designs, from basic