PTW logo redesign

Paving the Way is a Larkin Street Youth Services fundraising event that I have been proud to have been a part of since 2010! That first year I updated their event text to a modern sans serif logo font to go with the bold black, white and yellow event themes. 6 years later I elevated it to a formal script logo font, more fitting for their evening galas. In 2022

CLR logo design

Larkin Street Youth Services needed a quick logo for a new event they were creating called Corporate Leadership Roundtable. I wanted give the feeling of people from different business sectors coming together for networking and discussion.

logo design

Coro Northern California asked me to design a logo for a new program they were starting. I was excited when they told me they wanted it to feature a rocket. This was a really quick and fun design project!

Logo Design

When the pandemic lockdown hit, in-person fundraising events were cancelled. Larkin Street came up with a fun virtual walk/run/skip/hop/dance/strut parade to give people a way to stay involved and raise funds for this important cause.

Logo design

This is a logo redesign for a public speaking coach. She wanted something professional, warm, empowering, elegant and unique. And it didn’t hurt that she and I share the same favorite colors: purple and blue! Her original logo wasn’t bad at all, but I wanted to give her something more vibrant and modern. Without realizing it my logo really influenced the look of her future website.

Logo design

This is a logo design for a financial and fitness coach. Aja wanted her logo to say, “You can do hard things.” She wanted something bold, superhero bright, serious but approachable and as simple as possible. Done. When I was designing this logo I was picturing Aja standing on top of a skyscraper with a brightly colored cape flowing behind her. (Photo by Zaksheuskaya from Pexels)

Coro 2020 Spring Event

Coro Northern California asked me to design for their annual spring event again. When the pandemic hit they switched to a virtual event so all the printed pieces weren’t necessary. The event banner design was a variation on the one I’d done the previous year. It was used in all of their event emails, letterheads, forms and google slides.