[scripts]some scripts that we have found useful

these scripts are based upon many other people's ideas (particularly ppk and a list apart), and i have unfortunately only managed to credit a few of the sources in the script comments. i'm slowly adding more as i get them packaged up with useful descriptions. all download links are to bzip2 or gzip compressed archives except the applescripts, which are zipped.

if you find problems, or have suggestions, please contact me. time permitting, i'll try to fix any bug or security problems you report.


animated jpg v2.1 download bz2 download gzip
dropdown nav menu v1.0 download bz2 download gzip
unobtrusive image rollover v1.2 download bz2 download gzip
table row striping v1.2 download bz2 download gzip
regular expression checker v1.3 download bz2 download gzip
fix ie <q> quotes v0.2 download bz2 download gzip
live web page editor webEdit v0.4 no longer available
applescript droplet to make gz and bz2 archives download zip
css reference sheet css_reference.pdf css_reference.odt