5 classrooms, each with sink.
Approx. 30 students per classroom = 3000 sf
1 Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratory and

preparation room. Approx. 20 students =

500 sf
1 Woodworking shop. Approx. 20 students per room = 1000 sf
1 Metalworking shop/Pottery studio, with furnace & kiln

Approx. 20 students =

1000 sf
Library, and librarian’s office = 1500 sf
Eurythmy and Music Room, and storage = 900 sf
Assembly hall for 400 which doubles as the Indoor

recreation space, and storage =

4800 sf
Stage (could be incorporated with Eurythmy Rm.) 800 sf
2 Locker Rooms and showers = 1600 sf
2 Student toilets @ 50 sf/fixture = 300 sf


1 Teachers’ Room including copiers, telephone,

storage, meeting table, lounge space=

1000 sf
1 office for flexible use = 100 sf


General office. Two people = 300 sf
Nurse’s room = 100 sf
Receiving, general supply, furniture, and book store room(s)= 400 sf
Toilet = 50 sf


Janitor’s room = 100 sf
Janitorial supply room = 100 sf


2 Staff/Public toilets = 100 sf
1 Kitchen. 2 people = 400 sf
Lobby = 400 sf
Circulation spaces (15%) = 2350 sf
Total = 18,500 sf

Assembly hall / Gymnasium

Official basketball court dimensions can be used for the layout. The gym must have storage areas for the chairs, a stage with a curtain which would only be used for performances or could also be used as Music and Eurythmy practice spaces. There will be some way to darken the space.
Building will be oriented for sun and wind control, so that wind can be used to ventilate, and daylighting provides the lighting needs for the space during daytime. It will have access from the showers, classrooms, and parking and access from the community (for when it functions as a theatre or community gathering space). A major concern will be to deal with flexibility of use and function.

Recreation Facilities

Facilities needed for: Softball, baseball, football, volleyball. Other sporting events would use facilities at another site. Large open spaces are needed for field games. Currently, the lower school uses the “Red Field”, which is at the bottom of the site and also functions as overflow parking. It is smaller, though, than what an upper school would need.

Outdoor playing field may use grass, although this is expensive in such a dry climate, and requires much maintenance. The school would not be interested in alternative (synthetic) materials for the surface, not only because it will also function as a play area for the schools when it is not in use for classes, many professional facilities are now removing the substitute turfs because it tends to injure people using it. Must allow for supervision of children by the teachers. Grading must be considered for drainage. [more...]

Locker Rooms and Showers

These must put up with short bursts of very hard wear and must be near the Gymnasium, and have sufficient lockers, showers and stalls for 15 students of each gender. Particular concern should be paid to traffic flow, realities of dressing clearances, supervision, lockers.


The classrooms need to have a large sink and counters around for preparation of art materials, bookshelves, and wall space to attach artwork. A classroom storage closet is needed for the teacher, as well as one for miscellaneous materials. Space is needed at the front for the teacher’s desk as well as for setting up audiovisual materials if needed. It should be possible to darken the room to show slides. Space either inside or outside the room must be provided for student lockers/cubbies/coatrack.

The minimum amount of chalk board is about 16 feet; significantly more (to 32 feet) is recommended. There should be electrical outlets on all walls. Doors should have some way for people to see in, such as a vision panel, of wired glass for safety. Ceilings should be acoustically treated, and additional measures to control noise should be considered.

Chemistry, Physics and Biology Laboratory

Activities will include lectures, demonstrations, viewing projected materials, individual and group work. Attention should be paid to the ability to darken the room. For physics experiments, the ability to hang things from the ceiling is needed. There must be an adjacent preparation

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