Below: View of a clearing in the trees
of location one (the Magic Meadow.)

Proposed Sites

There are two potential sites for the high school. Site one is south of the current lower school and is preferred by the administration, as it would put them between the upper and lower schools. It would also have easy access to Empire Grade. Its six acres are completely undeveloped, and have some quite magical little trails through the trees. The fairies must play here! The owners of this site would only be willing to part with it at a tidy profit, even though they are not currently using it. It would be a pity, too, to take an undisturbed site and pull down the trees for building. The community would probably have even more intense objections to it, since it is bordering the road, and so would be visible as more development. The site has drainage problems and is flatter than the other site, as the ground loses some of the slope it has from the top of the existing site.

    Site two is directly east of the current school, and is accessed through the center of the school. The top half of it is quite flat, [more...]

then it slopes down the hill similarly to the existing site. The native trees are cleared from most of it to make an apple orchard, and it is used as fields for growing (things). Currently the site is occupied by renters; the owners live in Seattle. Only a small part of it is affected by the riparian corridor which is still covered with Redwood forest. The single ten acre lot could be subdivided into two lots; a four acre lot to build on, and the current six forested acres along the riparian corridor. Major issues of this site would be access and parking for the high school, since traffic of all kinds for a high school located here may have to cross through the Lower School to access Empire Grade. The lower school classrooms divide the two lots in half along the property line, which may work well to separate [more...]

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