“Strategic Objectives”

Phase I

Create architectural schematics for full buildout of existing school to include double classroom, community hall, Eurythmy hall, woodworking, office configuration, maintenance area, library, water storage, parking areas, specialty rooms.

Build double classroom with Eurythmy room, to be completed Fall ‘98

Improve existing playground equipment and safety for children.

Update maintenance of buildings and grounds.

Improve night lighting.

Create Emergency Power Source.

Explore possibilities of High School location.

Improve woodworking facility.

Install water storage.

Install water treatment program.

Pave Roads and Parking areas.

Phase II: 1998-2000

Identify location for High School and develop Site Plan
Construct Community Hall
Cottage classroom converted to library or specialty room.
Create facility for weather protected physical education.

Phase III

Open High School.

Current School

The school sits on a slope, with the buildings grouped around the top and east side of the site (see site plan p.10). Three of the buildings contain two large classrooms and have decks in front. There are a few trees in the playground area, which is in the center of the site. At the top, near the kindergarten, is the garden area which the students work in to grow vegetables. There is also a small pond with flow-forms—a form of water fountain which is said to purify the water—is near the bell which teachers ring to signal the end of recess. They have (a number of) full time teachers in addition to the class teachers, and various part time teachers for specialty subjects—music, handwork, games (physical education). The administrative office is at the bottom of the site. When the school has large gatherings, as in commencement, the playground becomes an amphitheater.


Aerial photo to left shows the immediate surroundings of the site. Above we can see the proposed site locations and the location of the current school. The road running down the center is Empire Grade.

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