“RA” Residential Agricultural District

Principal Permitted Uses. Single-family residential and agricultural (rural). Schools are permitted with ‘Approval Level V’, which involves, at the minimum, a public hearing by the Zoning Administrator. (13.10.322 SCC)

Purposes. To provide areas of residential use where development is limited to a range of non-urban densities of single-family dwellings in areas outside the Urban Services line and Rural Services Line; on lands suitable for development with adequate water, septic system suitability, vehicular access, and fire protection; with adequate protection of natural resources; with adequate protection form natural hazards; and where small-scale commercial agriculture, such as animal-keeping, truck farming and specialty crops, can take place in conjunction with the primary use of the property as residential. (13.10.321 (c) SCC)

The site area is outside the Urban Services Line, and so it is subject to the General Plan and Rural Density Matrix Determination. The Residential General Plan Designation is Rural Residential, which requires 5-20 acres per dwelling unit.

“A” Agriculture

One single-family dwelling (SFD). Agriculture, farm buildings, animals. Greenhouses, caretaker’s quarters, etc.

“CA” Commercial Agriculture

One SFD, commercial agriculture, farm buildings, animals, greenhouses, caretaker’s quarters.

“TP” Timber Production

Growing and harvesting of timber, agriculture, one SFD, mining and organized camps.

“SU” Special Use

This area is covered by the University of California campus.


This site is under the jurisdiction of the County of Santa Cruz. The Uniform Building Code 1994 will be used for this school project. Some applicable sections are listed below:

    Chapter 3: Use or Occupancy

      Group A occupancies SECTION 303

      Group E occupancies SECTION 305

      Group H occupancies SECTION 307

      Description of occupancies by Group and Division TABLE 3-A

      Required separation in buildings of mixed occupancy TABLE 3-b

    Chapter 4: Special Use and Occupancy

      Atria SECTION 402

      Stages and platforms SECTION 303

    Chapter 5: General Building Limitations

    Chapter 6: Types of Construction

      Type III Buildings SECTION 604

      Type IV Buildings SECTION 605

    Chapter 7: Fire-Resistive Materials and Construction

    Chapter 10: Means of Egress

      Minimum egress requirements TABLE 10-A

    Chapter 11: Accessibility

      Wheelchair spaces required in Assembly Areas TABLE 11-A

    Chapter 15: Roofs and Roof Structures

      Minimum roof classes TABLE 15-A

    The assembly hall will be classified as A-2. The Science laboratories will be classified as E except as provided in 305.2.4. The school classrooms and buildings will be classified as E-2. The fire and other safety information will be looked at as part of this thesis. The fire code will set out the amount of materials permitted to be stored in the Science lab store room.


    The site area is in the Bonny Doon planning area. Empire Grade is the north boundary line for the Coastal Zone, [more...]

Parcel Map of parcel # 062-081-09

Scale: 1:200

Outlined is the location of the current school. Proposed site locations are shaded.

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